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IPERS Improvement Association has been your working Voice to the Governor and legislature since 1960.

IIA is a non-profit informational and lobbying group which represents all IPERS covered members.
IIA is not affiliated with the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System.

The IPERS Improvement Association is dedicated to insuring all IPERS covered government employees receive the best benefits possible upon their retirement from government service.

IIA has a representative on the IPERS Benefits Advisory Committee. The Benefits Advisory Committee makes recommendations to IPERS and the general assembly concerning the benefits and services to members of the retirement system.

Many hours a year are contributed by IIA volunteers to support the IIA goal to improve your retirement benefits and protect the financial soundness of the IPERS fund.

IIA had an active role lobbying for present benefits:

  • Increasing the amount of your base wage for retirement after 30 years of service from 50% to 60%.
  • Increasing an additional 1% a year beyond 30 years to a maximum of 65%.
  • Lowering to 88, the requirement (age plus years of service) to retire with full IPERS benefits, if the retiree has 30 years of service.
  • Worked with the BAC on the 2010 law changes to protect IPERS benefits for future retirees.

IIA will have an active role in lobbying for future needs:

  • The Iowa Public Employees Retirement System is a defined benefit plan. A defined benefit plan like IPERS provides a guaranteed retirement benefit. IPERS Improvement Association resists attempts to change the plan to a higher risk defined contribution plan where retirement benefits are not guaranteed.

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